Super simple application process that let's you know fast if you qualify.

6 easy questions

That's right. No lengthy medcial questionnaire form to go through. We have streamlined it to no more than 6 (5 for you gents) simple to understand medical questions for you and any of your family members to be covered. In most cases, that is all we need to get you covered immediately. If you qualify you will be notified immediately at the time of completing your application. And if you don't qualify for immediate medical acceptance, no worries, we have friendly staff that will follow up with you personally.

Convenience doesn't mean we skimp on cover

A streamlined application form doesn't mean that we have hidden exclusions, or pre-existing conditions limits. You get the same great comprehensive cover with our short form as you did with our old stodgy long form. We wanted to make it easier for you to enrol online on a device that you use everyday like your phone.

Immediate notification

We let you know right at the time of application if you are medically accepted using our short form. We then just need to check your eligibility and you're covered. It's as simple as that. On the same day we will send you an invoice for your insurance cover.

Same day delivery of your Policy Pack

Upon payment we deliver your Policy Pack to the yourHealth App. That's nearly immediate delivery of your policy documents and access to your health plan. Immediate cover, fast access, great protection.