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Manage your health plan using the yourHealth app

The easiest way to manage your Integra Global health plan is through our app. DOWNLOAD yourHealth to submit claims, pre-authorise treatment, view previous claims’ status and speak with our Member Care team.


Emergency 24/7 medical assistance

Call +33 1 76 31 13 08 (24/7)
Email (24/7)

Pre-authorise my treatment


Pre-authorisation is required in all cases of scheduled hospitalisation, outpatient surgery, medical transportation, and high cost scans, such as MRI, PET and CT. Failure to obtain pre-authorisation will reduce benefits payable by 25%.

To receive pre-authorisation, follow the instructions contained within the yourHealth App. Or alternatively, contact Pre-authorisations should be made seven working days before planned treatment.

Accessing Care in the US

All treatment in the US must be pre-authorised.

Utilising the UnitedHealthcare network simplifies your pre-authorisation process in the US.

Please be sure to bring your membership card with you as it contains valuable information for your provider to access the UnitedHealthcare network. Failure to provide this information could result in you paying the difference between the network rate and the providers normal charge.

Submit a claim

How to make a claim

Members can pay for treatment and seek reimbursement within 180 days for all eligible expenses. Making a claim is fast and simple. Please consult the Claiming Guide inside the yourHealth App on how to make a claim. Or alternatively, contact