Expat Assistance Programme – supporting our members' wellbeing

Expat Assistance Programme – supporting our members' wellbeing

At Integra Global we believe that a health plan should support all aspects of our members’ wellbeing. That’s why we include an Expat Assistance Programme in all our health plans, at no extra cost.

What is the EAP?

Our EAP is all about connecting our members to better health and wellbeing, by supporting expats with all aspects of working abroad. The EAP is provided by our partner, Morneau Shepell, and includes professional consultation and information services.

Our members can receive support and counselling, either in person, over the telephone or online. Counsellors are specialists in the area they give advice and are culturally aligned to members' nationality and location.

In addition, the service includes a database of online resources to help expats manage their work-life and personal wellbeing while working abroad. It’s totally confidential and we have no knowledge of which services our members use, or how much they use them, so it will never affect premiums.

Our EAP service can help members with:

  • Cope with isolation and loneliness
  • Adapt to a new country and lifestyle
  • Identify and deal with culture shock
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Address alcohol and drug misuse
  • Resolve marital and relationship difficulties
  • Find solutions for work-related issues
  • Access crisis and trauma support while on assignment

There is no cost to members for taking advantage of the EAP service, as these benefits are part of every Integra Global health plan.

How do the sessions work?

All our members can receive a series of support sessions with a professional counsellor, along with access to additional resources. If the member needs more specialised or long-term support, the EAP will help them select an appropriate specialist or service.

Using the service

Members can access the service by downloading the Morneau Shepell, MyEAP app, or by calling one of the regional telephone numbers listed on the below link.

EAP regional contact numbers

Members can also visit the below website link and follow the on-screen instructions to speak with a counsellor.