We’re Integra Global: a different breed of health plan provider. Smaller, more flexible. Intelligent and personal. We create tailored plans for expats, marine professionals, and anyone else with unique insurance needs.


We specialise in

…the uncommon

Unusual lives require a different sort of insurance. If you’re an expat or a marine professional, you need insurance built around you.

That’s were we come in. Like our customers, we see the world differently. We’re not one of the worlds biggest names. We can’t rely on sheer scale to steamroller our way to success. And we wouldn’t want to.

Instead. We’ve built our business on flexibility, innovation, and the radical idea of treating every customer as an individual. we listen carefully to people’s needs, and develop intelligent policies that answer them.

We’re an uncommon company, for uncommon people.

We specialise in


We believe passionately in partnerships. Strong, sustainable partnerships, rooted in a deep understanding of people’s needs.

Each one starts with a conversation. By listening to our customers, we can offer them genuinely useful products and services, with the right balance of protection and value. We believe conversations like this are the foundation of any true partnership.

That may sound simple. It is simple. But without our unique, flexible approach, it would be impossible.

We specialise in


As a company built by expats, we understand the pressures and risks you face working away from home. We use this understanding to develop specialist policies that offer the tailored protection you need.

You never quite know what’s around the corner. That’s why unlike many expat products, ours aren’t built up of modules you have to put together yourself. That’s our job. Our comprehensive, integrated policies come with everything you need built in.

That doesn’t mean they’re inflexible. Far from it. We understand your needs are different from everyone else’s, and we’ll work with you to create a bespoke plan that includes everything you need – whether that’s 24/7 medical evacuation cover, or worldwide, hassle-free access to outpatient services. Comprehensive, flexible cover, built around your needs. Why doesn’t all insurance work this way?

We specialise in

…family life

As a family, you’re more than a collection of individuals. You’re a team. And you want a simple, integrated insurance plan that works for all of you, together.

That’s exactly what our family health plans provide. We’ve thought carefully about what expat families need, and created policies that are perfect for them – offering things like generous maternity cover, and vaccinations for adults and children.

Then there’s our unique family deductible. If you choose this option, instead of having separate deductibles for each person, there’s just one for all of you. That helps make sure everyone gets the quickest possible access to health benefits – and it saves you money. It’s just another way we think differently, to create uniquely responsive insurance.

We specialise in

…business health

Choosing the right insurance for your employees is an important decision – from your perspective, and from theirs. People are the lifeblood of any organisation: when they feel valued and secure, your business will thrive.

We’ve developed a range of plans to cover the diverse requirements of businesses employing expats. Having that choice means you get all the benefits of flexibility, without sacrificing the convenience of off-the-shelf products. That makes our group cover an ideal way to cater for the needs of all your staff, whatever their individual situations.

It’s simpler, more intelligent way to look after the people who work for you.

We specialise in

…marine life

If you’re a marine professional, you have very specific insurance needs. Your work is often physical, exposing you to unusual risks. And it’s almost impossible to predict where in the world you might be when you need care.

That’s why we’ve created specific insurance for marine professionals, distinct from our plans for other expats.

We’ve built this cover from the ground up, working closely with people in the marine industries. So it offers things marine professionals really need – like convalescence cover. This ensures that, if you fall ill at sea, you have proper time to recover.

Real protection – wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing. It’s insurance that’s built around your priorities, not ours.

We specialise in

…speciality risks

There are many others who, like expats and marine professionals, have complex insurance needs. We’re using our experience of insuring the uncommon to create tailored products for more of them every day.

Doing so makes good business sense. But for us, it’s about much more than that. We’re proud to support people who would otherwise ‘fall through the cracks’. We’re proud to be offering insurance that offers people real flexibility and value, and creates a better future for everyone.

We specialise in


Security. It’s a simple thing we all crave. To know that, if anything happens to us, we’ll be in safe hands.

We provide a safe haven for those who would otherwise struggle to find one. We do it by building relationships, and listening closely to our customers and the people we work with. That makes us a different kind of health plan provider – and, we believe, a better one.

So if you’d like to build a relationship with us, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.