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Expat Assistance Program – supporting your staff wellbeing

Good health is about more than check ups and prescriptions. It’s about members looking after themselves every day, in the way that’s right for them. That’s what our Expat Assistance Program (EAP) is all about.

Our EAP is all about connecting our members to better health and wellbeing. It’s a program designed to help and support those working abroad with all aspects of being an expat. We believe good health insurance should reward you for taking care of yourself. That’s why all our plans include the Expat Assistance Program as standard.

Our EAP service can help members with:

  • Cope with isolation and loneliness
  • Adapt across cultures
  • Identify and deal with culture shock
  • Address the personal impact of the relocation
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Work towards life goals
  • Deal with stress, anxiety and depression
  • Address alcohol and drug misuse
  • Resolve marital and relationship difficulties
  • Find solutions for work-related issues
  • Access crisis and trauma support while on assignment
  • Discover ways to improve your nutrition in your new environment
  • Focus on your health with natural healing strategies
  • and much more

Counselors are specialists in the precise area they give advice and are culturally aligned to members' nationality and location.

It’s totally confidential: we have no knowledge of which services they use, or how much they use them, so it will never affect their premiums.

What is the cost of the EAP Service?

There is no cost to members for taking advantage of the EAP service, as these benefits are part of their Integra Global health plan. For each concern they are experiencing, they can receive a series of support sessions, over the telephone, online or in person. If they need more specia lised or long-term support, their EAP will help them select an appropriate specialist or service. While fees for these additional services are their responsibility, a qualified counselor or consultant will review with them their possible support options and any related costs.

Easy ways members can access the service

Toll free phone numbers across the globe.

Get the app

Download the Morneau Shepell MyEAP app via your app store.

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