With an Integra Global international health plan all that you really need to hear is, “you’re covered.”

What is so reassuring about our health plans is the breadth of protection and service commitment.

When you choose one of our plans for global health cover you can rest easy that you have done the very best for you and your loved ones.

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Comprehensive choice of plans and benefits to suit your lifestyle.

Six simple questions to great health cover

Your wellbeing at heart.

At Integra Global, you’re an individual – not a number. And your insurance is built around you.

Mobile healthcare with a state of the art App.


Around the clock assistance.

All of our plans have 24/7 around the clock emergency medical assistance and evacuation built in.



Invest in people.

Choosing the right insurance for your employees is an important decision – from your perspective, and from theirs. People are the lifeblood of any organisation: when they feel valued and secure, your business will thrive.

We’re an uncommon company, for uncommon people.

We’re a different breed of international health plan provider. Smaller, more flexible. Intelligent and personal. We create global health insurance plans for expats, and for others with unique insurance needs.

We’re caring
We’re worldly-wise
We’re principled
We’re pioneering