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We’re an uncommon company, for uncommon people.

We’re a different breed of international health plan provider. Smaller, more flexible. Intelligent and personal. We create tailored global health insurance plans for expats, and for others with unique insurance needs.

Your well-being at heart®

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International health insurance for individuals, unusual lives require a different sort of international health insurance. If you’re an expatriate, or your job requires you to travel, you need a provider that understands your needs.

For individuals

International health insurance for families. As a family, you’re more than a collection of individuals. You’re a team. And you want a simple, integrated international health insurance plan that works for all of you.

For families

International medical plans for employers, choosing the right international private medical insurance for your employees is an important decision – from your perspective, and from theirs.

For employers

For intermediaries, we believe passionately in partnerships. Strong, sustainable partnerships, rooted in a deep understanding of people’s needs.

For intermediaries